Monday, October 17, 2022

The Tudor Puzzle Book 2 (The Tudor Puzzle Books Series) by Claire Ridgway

Available as: Paperback

This is a sequel to Claire Ridgway’s popular book The Tudor Puzzle Book:

Amazon Blurb: Get those little grey cells working with these fun and fiendishly tricky word search puzzles and crosswords, testing your knowledge of Tudor history.

· How many ingredients did the Christmas minced pie contain?
· This secretary to Mary, Queen of Scots, was stabbed to death by men led by Lord Darnley in March 1566.
· Elizabeth I called this man her “mouton”.
· This poor Tudor man’s ghost has to cross 12 bridges before cockcrow once a year.
· This God-sent weather was said to have helped save England from the Spanish Armada in 1588.
· According to the Prince Tudor Theory, Elizabeth I had an illegitimate son, Henry Wriothesley, with this man.
· This woman was rumoured to have given birth to Henry VIII’s baby in 1541.

The Tudor Puzzle Book 2 has sixty word searches and crossword puzzles, so more than enough Tudor questions to keep any history buff happy.

Whether you’re new to Tudor history or have studied it for decades, this book will challenge your knowledge. It’s also a great resource for quizzing friends, family and students.

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Saturday, October 15, 2022

The Boleyns: From the Tudors to the Windsors by Amanda Harvey Purse

Available as: Hardcover & Kindle

Amazon Blurb: Anne Boleyn, the second wife of Henry VIII, was executed on 19 May 1536. Her sister Mary, rumoured mistress to the monarch, lived on and survived the king’s wrath. But this is not the end of the tale of the Boleyns and the British Royal family – their stories have remained entwined for almost 500 years, through countless wars, crises and triumphs.

In this book, Amanda Harvey Purse delves into the archives to tell the remarkable story of a number of individuals who form part of the Boleyn bloodline, spanning the worlds of the military, art and politics. Among those featured are Robert Devereux, executed for treason after leading an army against the government in the early seventeenth century; Lettice Knollys, banished from the court of Elizabeth I after marrying the wrong man; and Cecilia Nina Bowes-Lyon, the grandmother of and godmother to Elizabeth II, who married Claude Bowes-Lyon and played a significant role in the convalescence of soldiers during the First World War.

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Friday, October 14, 2022

The Oxford Handbook of Early Modern Women’s Writing in English 1540-1700

Available as: Hardcover & Kindle

Amazon Blurb: The Oxford Handbook of Early Modern Women’s Writing in English, 1540-1700 brings together new work by scholars across the globe, from some of the founding figures in early modern women’s writing to those early in their careers and defining the field now. It investigates how and where women gained access to education, how they developed their literary voice through varied genres including poetry, drama, and letters, and how women cultivated domestic and technical forms of knowledge from recipes and needlework to medicines and secret codes. Chapters investigate the ways in which women’s writing was an integral part of the intellectual culture of the period, engaging with male writers and traditions, while also revealing the ways in which women’s lives and writings were often distinctly different, from women prophetesses to queens, widows, and servants.

It explores the intersections of women writing in English with those writing in French, Spanish, Latin, and Greek, in Europe and in New England, and argues for an archipelagic understanding of women’s writing in Scotland, Wales, Ireland, and England. Finally, it reflects on―and challenges―the methodologies which have developed in, and with, the field: book and manuscript history, editing, digital analysis, premodern critical race studies, network theory, queer theory, and feminist theory. The Oxford Handbook of Early Modern Women’s Writing in English, 1540-1700 captures the most innovative work on early modern women’s writing in English at present.

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Cullane (John Howard Tudor Series Prequel) by J.C. Jarvis

Available as: Kindle

Amazon Blurb: He was trying to make a living. The Street Gang wanted him dead.

England, 1535. A Wherryman and his best friend lose everything trying to save themselves after their coin-laden passenger drowns during a violent November storm…

Starving and alone, and with the street gangs hellbent on revenge, Andrew Cullane and his friend face the fight of their lives to stay alive on the violent streets of Henry VIII’s London…

After discovering homeless children, Andrew’s only hope is to escape London and head north. With time running out they make a run for it. Can they make it before it’s too late?

Before John Howard found sanctuary on the streets of London, Andrew Cullane formed a small band of outlawed survivors called the Underlings. Discover their fight for life in this exciting prequel to the John Howard Tudor Series.

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The John Howard Tudor Series in The Tudor Book Shop

Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Keeper of the Queen’s Jewels: A Novel of Jane Seymour by Adrienne Dillard

Available as: Kindle and Paperback

Amazon Blurb: Two women with opposing allegiances are bound together by desperate circumstances: one must birth a son to secure the throne. The other hides a dangerous secret that could cost them their lives.No longer the meek and mild, ineffectual queen of the history books, Jane Seymour is reimagined as a woman on the precipice-one misplaced step away from oblivion.In the maid’s dormitory, Margery Horsman struggles as she comes to terms with the fallout of her careless words, uttered recklessly in a fit of envy and greed, ending in the ruin and death of her first love. Surrounded, yet feeling alone and abandoned, Margery searches for her place in the world. When a young widower still grieving over the loss of his wife asks for her hand, Margery steps into a role she never imagined, that of mother to a half-orphaned boy.As religious rebellion threatens to tear the country in two, fortune’s wheel turns, and formerly rising stars of the Tudor Court tumble. Amid the upheaval, a queen and her devoted maid will unite to preserve the legacy of Anne Boleyn for England’s once and future Queen: Gloriana.

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Saturday, October 8, 2022

The Conjuror’s Apprentice (The Tudor Rose Murders Book 1) by G J Williams

First Published: 6 October 2022
Available as: Kindle and Paperback

Amazon Blurb: Born with the ability to hear thoughts and feelings when there is no sound, Margaretta Morgan’s strange gift sees her apprenticed to Doctor John Dee, mathematician, astronomer, and alchemist. Using her secret link with the hidden side and her master’s brilliance, Margaretta faces her first murder mystery. In the cruel time of Tudor England, Margaretta and Dee must uncover the evil bound to unravel the court of Bloody Mary.

The year is 1555. This is a time ruled by fear. What secrets await to be pulled from the water?

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Friday, October 7, 2022

Twas The Night Before Tudor Christmas by Laura Loney and Kathryn Holeman

First Published: 30 September 2022
Available as: Kindle and Paperback

Amazon Blurb: “Anne longed for a taste of a sweet, scrumptious food, Some rose-scented marchpane would secure her good mood…

What happens when King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn bump into the Lord of Misrule late on Christmas Eve? Find out in this Tudor-themed retelling of Clement Clarke Moore’s classic Christmas poem.

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas is far more than a poetry book. It includes more than 30 original Tudor-inspired activities, games, ideas and recipes to bring a twist of Tudor to your modern Christmas! And it’s sumptuously illustrated by Kathryn Holeman.

A compendium and Christmas keepsake - you’ll use it again and again.

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Thursday, October 6, 2022

The Merchant Murderers (A Bloody Mary Mystery) by Michael Jecks

First Published: 4 October 2022
Available as: Hardcover and Kindle

Amazon Blurb: August, 1556. Jack Blackjack is on a simple mission: make it back home to his beloved London. It should be simple, right? Wrong. He’s made it as far as Exeter, but before he can secure a fresh steed in that hellish city, he’s faced with a dead priest, ruthless thieves, and a devious Dean who’s determined to see the back of Jack. That suits Jack just fine - he wants to leave!

So when wealthy merchant Wolfe, offers passage to London via sea, Jack jumps at the chance . . . and unwittingly into further danger! With thieves, pirates and potential murderers at every turn who can Jack trust? Will he uncover the truth behind the dead priest and missing merchant ships? But more importantly, will he ever make it home to London with his purse strings and limbs intact?

Set during the brief but exceedingly troubled reign of Queen Mary I, elder half-sister to the future Elizabeth I, (1553-1558) the Bloody Mary series features the amoral former cutpurse turned paid assassin, Jack Blackjack, as its cowardly, lecherous, yet strangely likeable amateur sleuth protagonist. The joke is always on Jack as he lurches from one crisis to the next, never quite sure what’s going on, yet always - just about - managing to keep one step ahead of his many enemies and those who, for whatever reason, are trying to kill him.

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