Monday, November 7, 2022

The People and the Book: Negotiating Religious Change in Reformation England and Beyond by Caroline Litzenberger

Available as: Paperback

Amazon Blurb: This book tells the story of the people’s experience in dealing with profound changes in religion during the English Reformation. Continental Protestantism influenced the changing nature of English religion, but Catholicism was still the familiar old religion. Official religious policy swung back and forth between different forms of Protestantism and Catholicism, probably causing some to experience some form of spiritual whiplash. But, most clung to their old, familiar faith. Official religious policies provide the backdrop for this story with the people taking the lead. Over time, especially during Elizabeth I’s reign, Protestantism became more familiar, leading most people to accept some form of that new religion by the end of her reign. However, religion continued to change, or at least to shift in subtle ways. And so, the book’s story doesn’t end with Elizabeth’s death. It continues through key religious developments in England and beyond, answering the question of how the church of Elizabeth’s day became the global Anglican church of today.

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